Children Of Blood And Bone Book Review

Title: Children Of Blood And Bone
Series: Legacy Of Orisha 1
Author: Tomi Adeyemi
Publisher: Henry Holt
Pages: 523
Rating: 5


Tomi Adeyemi brought her A-game. This lovely gem was an epic read! I enjoyed every bit of it. The beginning was a bit slow for me than the action just started pouring on you. Holy cow! YES! YES! YES! One of my favorites!

Zelie Adebola is a Maji. She is on an epic adventure to bring back magic to the world of Orisha. What can go wrong bringing back magic to a land that once had it? A whole lot of craziness.
Let’s keep it simple without giving away spoilers…

We have the monarchy, who are not Maji ( No magic) the king who banns all and any type of magic in the land, therefore, the people treat the Maji like total crap. There are different types of Maji and what they can do for example we have the Maji of life and death which gives them the title of the reaper. This book gives three characters’ points of view. We, of course, have Zelie’s point of view. My favorite the princess Amari and her brother the Prince Inan. Each chapter you get to see how these characters grow and become stronger and show who they truly are.

Princess Amari was my favorite character. Why? She stepped up as a royal to help bring magic back. Seeing her strength and growing as a person and becoming stronger in something she truly believes in takes guts in her position.

Zelie is such a brave, strong, talented character. I enjoyed reading her point of view seeing her grow and getting stronger fighting to bring back the magic. Zelie does not hide from what is right and does what she needs to do for the Maji. She speaks up and will take her own life for the ones she cares for.

Let’s not forget the prince now! What an amazing character growth from the very beginning to end with this character. I look forward to his chapters the most! Wanting to follow his father’s footsteps and making him proud. The king allowed his son to bring back Princess Amari who is his sister who had ran away from the castle and meets Zelie and her brother. The princess assists Zelie on her adventure to bring back magic since Amari had a scroll that would help the Maji. You could only imagine what the Prince must do and who side is he on? Cause I tell you what it was a great surprise.

The ending was the best part, everything was wonderful but the ending was everything. I look forward to the next book and what the journey brings for these characters.

Ready to help the Maji to restore magic?

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