Top Ten Tuesday: Things I’d Have At My Bookish Party

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created on The Broke And The Bookish now hosted with That Artsy Reader.This weeks topic is things I’d have at my bookish party. One of these days I will host a bookish party. In the meantime, I will share with you how I would host a bookish party.

The theme for the bookish party would be Mystery. I would host this party at a Victorian-style home. The time for this party would be hosted at 6 PM.

Picture found on Pinterest

The guest would be seated by the fireplace. I would highly recommend guest to dress up in all victorian style outfits, and whoever had the best outfit would win the number one selling mystery book of the year.

Picture found on Pinterest

Before dinner, we would play a live-action murder mystery game. It’s truly not a party without a fun game. The winner would also get the number one best selling mystery book.

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A classy dinner before a group read. With the finest wine, you can get your hands on. Bookish conversations with everyone and discussing all book-related topics.

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To finish the night off guests are welcome to explore the victorian home and check out the library for books to read and relax. And to add a cherry on top I would have the author of the top mystery novel come out to surprise the guest and sign the two winners novel and discuss the novel with everyone.

Picture Found On Pinterest

Hope you all enjoyed this bookish party idea. I hope to make this happen one day. Thanks for reading!


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