Book Haul

I think I just scored the biggest book find today with the best deal!

Harry Potter Special Edition Paperback Book Series

With the quartine hitting hard here in Las Vegas I am not able to go to Barnes & Noble as much as I wish too. I have been recently looking on Offerup for some books and I saw this posting for the Harry Potter books in perfect condition with a wand for $20!

That’s right $20! I immediately messaged the seller telling her I am very interested and was able to pick up right away. I have never in my life been so happy to buy used books, especially for the right price. I have never read the Harry Potter books but wanted to read the books with my daughter when she gets older before I introduce the movies to her. So I’m very stoked and wanted to share with you all these beautiful books with you all.

I love book spines that create a picture. With this special edition Harry Potter books, the spine creates the Hogwarts castle in the front. The books are in a special box holder with an image of Harry and his friends in Diagon Alley in the back.

The cover for each book is so breathtaking. I never loved a paperback book so much and I have 7 gorgeous covers. I love the detailed put into each book, especially the back of the book where you always see Harrys’ back. So happy to have the Harry Potter series finally added to my book collection.

Thanks for reading!

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