Star Wars Queen’s Peril ARC Book Review

Title: Queen’s Peril
Series: Star Wars Disney Canon Novel
Author: E. K. Johnston
Publisher: Disney Lucusfilm Press
Pages: 352
Release Date: June 2nd, 2020
Rating: 5

Thank you Disney Lucusfilm Press for this ARC for exchange for an honest book review. All opinions and thoughts are my own. Enjoy!


Star Wars fan here and very excited to share this book with everyone. The author did not disappoint whats so ever. My favorite Star Wars character is and always will be Padme. I truly believe that Star Wars would not be anything without this character, Padme is and the reason why Star Wars exist. There is no Luke Skywalker, without Padme there is no Princess Leia and that also means no Darth Vader.

This story is out of this world bringing you back to the very beginning of the story before there was a Darth Vader in the galaxy. The author brought us into Padmes world and how she was elected as Queen of Naboo. If you didn’t know Padme was only 14 years old elected as Queen. That’s a huge responsibility to have for a girl at her age.

The story focuses on Padme also known as Queen Amidala and her handmaidens. Captain Panaka finds a group of girls each with different personalities. Padmes’ intentions with her handmaidens are to have them protect her with there identities rather than using a blaster.

“No monarch has had a bodyguard like that since the last dispute with the Gungans, and that was generations ago.”

The first handmaiden was Tsabin. The Queen and Tsabin reached a strong bond between the two sharing everything to understand each other. Four more girls had joined the Queen, Rabene Tonsort who is a gifted artist and actress, Eirtama Ballory a scientist and engineer, Sayan Higin a seamstress and maker, and Sashah Adova the smallest one in the group.

The story shares the bond between the young girls with big responsibilities to the Queen. The author did wonderful putting this story together sharing with her readers a bit more about Padme and where she comes from and what she did once she was elected as Queen of Naboo. I enjoyed every second of this book and looked forward to the release date to have this beautiful book cover added to my Star Wars book collection.

Ready to stand with the Queen of Naboo?

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