Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Heartless By Marissa Meyer

Who here actually doesn’t like a retelling? I’m obsessed with retelling stories! They have always been my favorite type of story, especially if its from the villain side of the story. Marissa Meyer is my all-time favorite author. All her stories are amazing but Heartless would have to be my favorite book just in general and also my favorite book from Marissa Meyer. Here are my top 10 reasons why I love this book.

  1. Originality. This is a retelling of the Queen Of Hearts and this is her story before she was the Queen. I don’t know any other stories out there that explain her story and if they are I’m pretty sure Marissa Meyer knocked them out of the way.

2. Character building. The characters in the story are amazing and some are familiar with the story of Alice In Wonderland. I love the connection with each character. 

3. Love. The love in this story is so magical and sad at the same time but that’s what makes this story so original and amazing, all at the same time. 

4. Writing. The writing of the story was perfect. Nothing confusing or throwing you off where you have to flip back pages to get an understanding. Marissa Meyer did a wonderful job putting everything together to have a full understanding of the story.

5. Creativity and Thought. Marissa Meyer put a lot of creativity into this story and much thought to it. A lot of fun parties and surprises to add to the story to make it so original.

6. New characters. I love that Marissa Meyer added new characters to the Queen’s life. Her parents make a feature in the story. A love interest and so much more.

7. Old characters. That’s right some characters make a feature in the story such as the Mad Hatter. The King of Hearts, and much more. 

8. Plotting. The plot of the story was great and well put together. 

9. Magical and Dark. This story is both magical and dark at the same time. I mean its a retelling of a villain we all know but at some point, she was good before she was bad. Reading her back story and seeing the growth of the character before she was Queen Of Hearts was interesting and entertaining to read. 

10. The ending. Every book I read needs to have a good ending. I have high expectations when it comes to retelling stories and how they end and Marissa Meyer did not disappoint with the ending of this book. That’s why it is my favorite book.

Thanks for reading!


    • You are super lucky to meet her! I was gonna try to meet her at one of her book signings this year, with everything going on in the world I wasn’t able too! She has a new book coming out this year in November that I’m looking forward to 🙂


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