Clock Dance Book Review

Title: Clock Dance
Series: Stand Alone
Author: Anne Tyler
Publisher: Knopf
Pages: 304
Rating: 5


Clock Dance was Barnes And Noble’s book of the month for the book club. I attend every other month to my local Barnes And Noble book store for the book club. Unfortunately, my Barnes And Noble store only holds the book clubs every other month, which is a bummer I must say but I always look forward to the club meetings.

Clock Dance was an adorable read for me. Not my usual type of story to read but I had to give it a go and boy was I happy to read this story. It was a nice break from YA stories to a more fictional one. The title of the book is unique, love the title it caught my attention and the cover is pretty. I love the nature of the cover.

The beginning of the story just sucked me in. Our main character in this story is Willa. I love Willa! Everything about her is just so amazing to me. We get to see the growth of Willa from when she is a little girl to teenage to young adult to an elderly lady. You get to see the experience and relationship she has with her family, her own family, to new family.

Without giving too much away Willa gets a phone call that her son’s ex-girlfriend has been shot and that they need help with her daughter and a dog with an adorable name AIRPLANE! Willa pretty much has nothing else to do so she takes off and leaves her home behind to what she thinks would be just for a little bit.

The relationship Willa develops with new people and the neighborhood was just so fascinating to me. The author did a wonderful job keeping me into the story. I highly recommend this cute story to the book community.

I thought the ending was really good. I was a bit worried about what was going to happen but I believe that it was left off just right to make you wonder. It made me laugh thru out the book. This book is life and I enjoyed reading Willa’s adventure now excuse me while I go take a walk in the desert…

Here is a chance to read one of the Barnes & Nobles book club of the month.

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