What Is Currently In My Bookbag

I take my book bag every I go. I have this feeling that if some reason I get stuck waiting somewhere I will have my bookbag full of goodies that would keep me busy and not worry so much about time. I would like to share with you all what is exactly in my bookbag. If you carry a bookbag let me know in the comments what is inside your goodie bag.

Wild Fable Bag

I love small book bags, or some others call them mini backpacks. It’s a perfect size for my stuff that I like to carry. Small bags are the cutest and there are so many cute designs out there. I chose Wild Fable from Target for my bookbag.

If you unzip my bookbag you will notice that its nothing but books, that is why I call it it my bookbag. I try to keep it very simple and organize, which is pretty simple and easy to do when its a very small bag.

In the small pockets I like to keep my journal pen and a bookmark. Usually I keep more than one bookmark in the bag but for right now I have only one extra bookmark.

I will always have my current read in my bookbag with me which is Cinder by Marissa Meyer right now.

I will always have my favorite comic book series in my bookbag which is Fables by Bill Willingham. I love this comic series so much and I’m still trying to finish the series.

Warriors by Erin Hunter will and always be my favorite book series. I grew up reading these amazing books and to this day I’m still trying to finish the series. Until the day I finish the series you will always find a Warriors book in my bookbag.

A good friend from high school sent me this lovely journal for my baby shower gift. I love this amazing journal. Each day has a new question to ask you and you write down your answer. This journal will last you for five years, so that means this journal will be in my bookbag for some time.

I found this journal at my local store and it’s something I believe everyone who loves to write definitely should have this with them. It’s a truths journal which means that you have to be completely honest with your answers. It will ask you questions about yourself and you are supposed to be completely honest about your answer. I really love this journal. I might do a small tour of this journal in the future.

Last but not least my Kindle Paperwhite and the charger. I have to have this everywhere I go. I just got this Kindle for my first Mother’s Day this year and I love it. I use it for all my Netgalley books.

Thank you all for reading!


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