Crooked Kingdom Book Review

Title: Crooked Kingdom
Series: The Six Of Crows Duology #2
Author: Leigh Bardugo
Publisher: Henry Holt
Pages: 536
Rating: 5


Please note that if you have not read the first book Six Of Crows you might not want to continue reading on. I never put spoilers but considering that this is the second book it could ruin things for you for the first book.

Here is my book review for the first book Six Of Crows.

Crooked Kingdom was way better than the first book. So much going on and fast enough for me to keep me reading. Great action, detailed writing making you feel apart of the journey, and the connection the characters developed for each other and the goals that are set out for themselves and what they want in life to better themselves.

Leigh Bardugo went out with a bang with this one. She brought more action more character development and finished the story in the most perfect way possible. We get to know more about the characters and the backstories. I really enjoy learning more about Wylan and we get to see his point of view in this book. So much from this character and the relationship with Jesper is just perfect. The relationship with Kaz and Inej was not a strong romance between them which is okay because the author put enough in to make you understand the type of characters they are. Let’s not forget Nina and Matthias my favorite couple and the ones who seem to have a strong history together.

Let’s take it back a bit and refresh the mind. The crew pulled off the biggest heist of all time. Bo Yul-Bayur is dead and his son Kuwei is alive and in the prison instead. The crew ends up taking him. while they are breaking out of the prison Nina ends up taking the Jurda Parem to save them. While the crew meets with Jan Van Eck all hell breaks loose and well the man Jan didn’t keep his word. Inej is being held hostage and the crew has Kuwei as a hostage.

So here we are with all this action. The crew wants what is owed to them. The author did a great job of going into full detail and masterminding this whole craziness. How do you get paid for the deal you made that was broken with the man that shook on it? I was nervous when I started reading Crooked Kingdom but everything was just that awesome it got right to it with no slow starts as the first book, So much happens with full detail.

The characters grew stronger together and worked together to get what’s owe to them. You learn more about the characters and I absolutely loved Kaz’s back story and why he is the way he is. Leigh did not disappoint me in this one. Adventure, revenge, action, love, death, what else do you need?

Ready to join the Dregs once more?

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