Evil Thing ARC Book Review

Title: Evil Thing
Series: Villains #7
Author: Serena Valentino
Publisher: Disney- Hyperion
pages: 352
Publication Date: July 7th, 2020
Rating: 3

Thank you Disney – Hyperion for this ARC for exchange for an honest book review. All opinions and thoughts are my own. Enjoy!


I love retelling stories, they are my favorite type of stories to read. The best retellings are the villain’s story that explains who they were before and how they became so wicked.

Cruella De Vil is one of my top favorite Disney villains. I was thrilled to receive this ARC and didn’t waste any time reading it. This story is not like any other and truth be told this is my first time reading the Villians series and I own all the other books and never got to them yet. Once I saw a story about Cruella I knew I wanted to read the story as soon as possible.

Just like any other villain, they were once a child, we get to know Cruella as a little girl, teen, and then an adult. We also get to meet some familiar faces like Anita. New characters we get to meet are Cruellas parents and how each one treats her differently.

I can say that I didn’t absolutely love the book and I could also say I didn’t hate the book either. I just felt like something was missing in the story, I felt like the whole time we were chasing Cruellas mother threw the whole story and nothing was coming of it. All I can say is that something was missing in this story and I felt like it could have been a lot better with a twist of a storyline with the infamous character, Cruella. Maybe I feel this way because I didn’t read the other books?

The author was detailed in her writing and did keep me reading and wanting more of the story however I just wished there was more detailed work on Cruella’s background story. One detail I like that the author did was explaining in detail about Cruella and how she got her looks as far as her hair and how she is skinny and how she was losing herself.

The story does follow up towards the end where Cruella wants the Dalmation puppies and for the reason for it, I wish there was more detail as to Cruella and more of a background of herself.

Not a bad retelling story, I look forward to reading more from this author and the other Villian stories.

Ready to meet Cruella?

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