Cinder Book Review

If there was a book written for just me this would be it. I love Marissa Meyer and her amazing work. I read Cinder while I was traveling across the country and finished the book pretty fast, I couldn’t help myself reading, especially when it comes to Marissa Meyer’s books. The story was so amazing and I just wanted more and more from it especially with it being a sci-fi story.

At the beginning of the story, we are introduced to Linh Cinder who is a cyborg teen girl in New Beijing working at the market for her stepmother, Linh Adri. At the market, Cinder meets Prince Kai who needs his android fix as soon as possible. From there Cinder and her stepsister Peony, who she has a good relationship with head out towards the junkyard where Peony catches this plague that has been a severe problem on Earth.

Peony is sent to be quarantine with the rest of the people who catch the plague. Adri believes that it was Cinder’s fault for catching the plague and sends her off to be tested on for a possible cure.

When starting out reading the story I was a little bit skeptical, I wasn’t interested in a cyborg version of a Cinderella retelling, I thought it would be a little too much and completely different in a bad way…Well, I’m happy to inform you that the story was worth it and completely original and something you have never read before.

This story is better than the original Cinderella story. The author wrote the story beautifully and smoothly to keep the readers wanting more. I can’t think of one thing that I didn’t like in the book. I love it when you are doubting the book and you feel like it’s going to be a flop but it turns out to be an amazing story from beginning to end, that’s book vibes!

I finished the book pretty fast and already started the second book to the series. The only thing I do wish was I read the series a lot sooner!

Who’s ready to meet Cinder?

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