Scarlet Book Review

Note To Reader:
If you have yet to read the first book “Cinder” to the Lunar chronicles I would suggest you stop here before you read this book review.

Lunar Chronicles book one “Cinder” Book Review here.

The second book was just as good as the first one but even better. Scarlet and Wolf are my top favorite characters in this series so far. But let me back it up just a bit…

Cinder has broken out of prison and is a fugitive. She knows she is Lunar and she also knows she is the Lunar princess that was supposedly dead. Throughout the book, we read what Cinder is up too and what she wants to do with the information knowing she is the rightful ruler to Lunar. she is learning her powers but doesn’t feel like it’s right to use them against others. She is on her way to Europe to find out the truth of herself.

Meanwhile, we get to meet some new characters. Scarlet is what we all know, Red Ridding Hood. Her grandmother has been missing for weeks, she meets a man named Wolf who is a street fighter who assist Scarlet to find her grandmother.

I don’t want to spoil anything for those who have yet to read the series but I promise the more you read the story the more you want. Marissa Meyer knows what she is doing and this story is only getting better. I love the retelling stories of the fairy tale characters we know and how Marissa adds a twist to the characters.

Scarlet and Wolf are by far my favorite character, only because I love the tension between them and how the character growth from the beginning to the end was so perfect for me. I look forward to seeing how they become more close to each other and what happens with the characters for the future.

The ending of the story is great, with everything building up and finding out the truth is just getting better and better. I know the third book is going to be even better, and you know this when the author puts it all in her writing, I know I can count on Marissa to give me a good reading experience with her stories.

Ready to meet Scarlet?

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