The Cruel Prince Book Review

This was my first Holly Black story I read from her and it is truly a wonderful, dark, magical story. I seriously can not wait for the second book The Wicked King! I could not put this book down. I kept going and the ending was a shock for me.

The main character Jude who is mortal living in the Fey world along with her twin sister Taryn deals with a lot of bullying from others that are not mortal. Jude wants to be nothing but a respected knight in the monarch court. Her dark journey finding the truth about the ones she loves and the ones that are among her are truly fascinating and makes you want more.

Holly Black did a wonderful job writing this story out where you can visualize everything in your head like a movie. I’m always focused when I’m reading but there are a lot of characters in this book where you do need to focus because I did have to flip back pages to be like “Wait! Who?”

Mystical creatures, betrayal, a dark world where mortals are looked down at. A royal family fighting for the crown and one big secret…Yes, this book brought all of this. The epic journey of finding the truth and the main character Jude finding out who she truly is when she was that person from the beginning.

Also, I would like to say that Jude’s birthday is the same day as mine.

Are you in for this epic read because I was stuck in the book the moment I started the first page and wanted to know more of Jude and her life with others that bully her and how she copes in this world with faeries.

This book was on my TBR list for a long time and I wish I read this a lot sooner then I did. I’m thrilled I finally got the opportunity to read the book.

Ready to leave the mortal world and enter the epic world of Fey?

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