Winter Book Review

I have yet to recover from finishing this amazing wonderful series! I will forever love The Lunar Chronicles and all the characters in the series.

The first thing, Thank you to the author, Marissa Meyer for not ruining the ending. From the very first book to the very last book it was an amazing reading experience. The character growth and world-building were beautiful. You connect with the characters and how they build a relationship together to make a better world for themselves and others and working as a team gives you all sorts of vibes.

I just want to jump right into it, I’m totally happy with Cress and Thorne! Darn you Marissa for creating two beautiful characters for each other, I just wish there were more of them to read however it was left just perfect for me to be happy and satisfied that they have each other.

Scarlet and Wolf, what can I say, I was surprised that they made it, and I mean that I thought for sure that one of them wasn’t going to live. Good to know that both made it safely to the very end. I love the passion between these two and how they are both different which makes the relationship so interesting.

The book had a lot of action, a lot of heartwarming feelings, and relationships with each other. I have to admit I love reading the thoughts of Queen Lavana. The moment when Cinder finally address’s Lavana was the moment I been waiting for that just gave me goosebumps all over my body, I was like “YES, finish HER!”

I love books with a lot of characters, but there is always that one character that I have that is just not my ultimate favorite or in this case, a character I just didn’t care for so much, and that was Winter and Jacin. I believe Winters’s personality was a little bit annoying for me or a bit clueless at times. Jacin was just an okay character, nothing really struck out to be unique with this character, Sorry not sorry.

With over 800 pages the book was so amazing that I finished in three days, I couldn’t stop and needed to know what was going to happen with all the characters. Marissa Meyer is my favorite author and her writing is just so on point with her stories and explaining in full detail. I truly believe this would make a kick-ass movie, its a crazy, sci-fi fairy tale twist that will always be my favorite series.

Ready to see who is the true Queen of the Lunars?

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