Bookish Snail Mail

Hi guys! There is a new Facebook group called “Bookish Snail Mail” If you like to meet new people that have the same interest as you, such as reading and talking about books I highly encourage all book lovers to join this group especially if you love to write and meet new people.

In this group, I hope to reach out to all book lovers who would like to participate in this group. If you like to receive snail mail from a bookish buddy check this group out. They are accepting new members at this time.

So how does it work?
You apply to join the group and answer one question which is why you want to join the group. Once you have been accepted into the group an admin will message you so you can send them your address so you can be added to the pen pal address book.

To receive the list of everyone addresses so you can write to them you have to write a request letter and mail it to the admin to get the list then you get a welcome letter with the list of addresses of people who love books and you can write as many people you like.

Take a look at this group if you like to write and meet new bookish friends! The group is called “Bookish Snail Mail”

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