Renegades Book Review

What an interesting story from Marissa Meyer. I’m somewhat into superhero stories and I knew I had to read this story from my favorite author. I’m not totally in love with the story but I’m also not disliking it either. The twist to this story is fascinating where it kept me engage with the storyline and with the characters.

Truth is out of all the Marissa Meyer’s books this was my least favorite so far and here is why…

The prologue was good, really good! I was sucked into it right away. An amazing way to start a book out and it worked. We get to meet young Nova and her family. But tragedy struck and of course, you want to keep reading to find out what happens to this young girl.

Ten years later and you meet older Nova who has the power to put others to sleep by simply touching them and never having to sleep herself also known as Nightmare. She is part of a group called “The Anarchists”, a group where people would call them the villains but to them, they are trying to make a difference with how things are in the city.

After the prologue, I had a hard time sticking with the book. The whole parade scene and having to re-read the paragraph over and over when I just wanted this part to be over with already.

In the first few chapters you get to meet “The Renegades” they claim to be the good guys or the superheroes but Nova and the Anarchists think otherwise. You meet one of the main characters, Sketch but the real name is Adrian. Adrian here lives a second life being the Sentinel. He keeps his alter ego or second life a secret from his team and from the Renegades. 

Since Nova wants to destroy the Renegades for her own personal reasons and believes she is able to create a second life with herself becoming Insomnia and joining the Renegades. For me, that’s when the story starts to get interesting, to say the least. You get to read how Nova hides her true self to find all the secrets about the Renegades.

I honestly believe that if any other author was to write this story I wouldn’t have finished this book. After the first 100 pages, the story started to get better. More action, more secrets being unfolded, and character growth. The author’s writing is amazing and beautiful It just the type of story perhaps, you know the whole superhero and villains story but I’m also thinking that it’s going to get a lot better in the next book, fingers cross because that’s what I’m hoping for.

I do love all the characters in this book. Being a prodigy with some amazing powers! My favorite power in this book so far would have to be the Monarch, real name Danna, and her superpower is transforming herself into a swarm of Monarch butterflies. You get attached to the characters and want you to know more about each one like they hold some secret from each other. The ending was good for me to want to read the second book, but let’s be honest here..I’m reading the second book because I want to read the part where Adrian finds out that Nightmare is Nova…who is on his team! Yes, I live for that type of drama in books!

But I’m also excited to read when Nova finds out that Adrian is the Sentinel. All in all, after the first 100 pages the book gets better. Slow start but it was worth it.

Ready to follow Nova into the Renegades Head Quarters?

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