Archenemies Book Review

Where do I even begin! Did I finally get some drama that I have been seeking from this book, not exactly what I wanted to happen but pretty darn close?

Before you continue to read this book review you should know that this is the second book to the Renegade series so if you haven’t read the first book you should stop right here. Here is my book review on the first book.

Now let’s continue with this book review…

I sometimes question if the author Marissa Meyer knew what she was doing while writing this story, I only say this because I’m confused on how the heck no one puts Insomnia and Nightmare together and figure it all out yet? But that’s what makes Marissa Meyer a good author she keeps the reader wanting more and throwing us little by little information and little secrets to unfold one big fat one later. I’m all in for it and yet I have to immediately get into the third book. But know this, I like the second book better then the first book, and here is why…

Yall remember that Nova is undercover as a Renegade to get her revenge for herself and her uncle Ace.

So what a minute Ace is alive?! I’m still confused as to why none of the Anarchists knew about it or did I miss something here in the first book that one of them knew he was alive the whole time.

Well, that makes more things interesting now that the main villain is alive, I just wish that we got to read more about Ace in the story and got to see more of his side and what he is all about, I feel like there’s more to him then we get to read about.

The second book was more in-depth and detailed with the Renegade characters. We get to know about each one. I love the origin stories that we get to learn about each prodigy. We even get to meet some new ones in this book.

Each chapter I kept thinking that Nova’s secret was going to be discovered or that Adrian’s secret was going to be known or that he was going to tell Nova but nothing came of it and in fact, some other people close to Adrian found out about him being the Sentinel.

For me the writing is detailed and good to give you the visual in your head however I think I sometimes get bored of the story in some chapters where the only thing I’m excited is about the truth to come out with the characters and who they are. It’s still a great story for me though, I’m just impatient and want everything to fall together with the truth and justice.

I can’t help to think that one of the Renegade council is not very…heroic!? And what I mean by that is that I feel like someone on the council is shady and has done something in the past. Just a self-thought.

I also seem to forget that Monarch/Danna is apart of Adrian’s team and I honestly don’t know why I feel like that in this second book since I love her power above all characters.

I’m confused as to the Renegades not able to put things together, for example when Nova questions Capitan Chromium/Hugh and The Dread Warden/Simon Westwood about Ace’s helmet and when she was over at Adrian’s house and then Nova steals the Vitality Charm necklace and the helmet as Nightmare and yet no one can put things together as to how the heck out of nowhere this is happening under their nose when they have a girl *cough* named Nova asking all these questions about the helmet and the charm necklace? No one seems to stop and be like hmmm maybe its this person who seems to take interest in artifacts and never sleeps and always has an outburst of her true opinions on the Anarchists and Renegades? 

Some things like that kinda bug me however it could just be me. Other than that I still love the story and where it is going. Let’s just face it, I need to read the moment Adrian and Nova find out the truth about each other and who they really are.

But all in all the ending was a shock and worth the read for me. Great reading vibes and I enjoyed every second of it. I know Supernova has to be just even better, because that’s where finally all the secrets unfold, hopefully!

Renegade or Anarchists?

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