Christmas With Books

Merry Christmas everyone! Your girl has been gone for two months with traveling and I’m officially back in my home state but slightly traveling around still. Today was a winter Christmas here in Bay City, Michigan. It was a cozy beautiful day with my little family. Not only has it been forever since I had a white Christmas but it was my daughter’s first white Christmas and she loved it. Always a good day when the boss baby is happy.

For Christmas, I’m sure you all know your girl over here wants books and nothing but books, or maybe some socks to go with a book too! My grandmother got my back and surprised me with two paperbacks for Christmas this year. Let me share with you book alcoholics what they are all about since I’m really stoked for them!

The Orphan’s Tale By Pam Jenoff

This book looks like it’s going to break my heart and get to your feelings! With the world set back to WW2 with the main character who is 16 years old involved with a circus! I hear some good stuff about this novel and look forward to reading a book like this one.

The Last Letter From Juliet By Melanie Hudsom

I have not heard of this book and yet the cover speaks to me. It looks like another book set back into WW2 which are usually good reading vibes if the writing is done right. I love books written as a letter so I’m super stoked for this reading also.

It is safe to say that my grandmother has some good taste and picked out some really good books for me for Christmas. I know one thing once the boss baby goes to sleep tonight I’m sipping on some hot coco and gonna start reading to finish this Christmas night.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Yes! I have the Orphans Tale and I loved it!! I could barely put it down. I love reading books about the war and in those time frames. I have seen the second book in stores and it does look like it’s going to be a good read. I hope you enjoy them!


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