Supernova Book Review

Title: Supernova By: Marissa Meyer

All good things must come to an end and I must say it was a bittersweet moment for me with the Renegades series. There were some good times with this book, some times I was left shock and annoyed, sometimes I felt like I was never gonna get to read what I wanted to read. But you know what, the series was good! Was it better than the Lunar Chronicles series..heck no! But The Renegades series is something I would recommend to anyone.

I think you don’t have to be much of a fan of superhero stuff or in other words into superhero stuff because by all means I’m not and yet this story was really good and well put. The writing flows very well and the character growth with Nova is an amazing read. I had good reading vibes and the backstabbing in this book and the real truth finally coming out. gosh! What can I say, Marissa Meyer always has me shook after I get done with her novels!

I must say that the epilogue has me in all different types of feelings if you know what I mean. If anyone here has read the book then you should know. But because all my book reviews are spoiler-free I’ll keep this to myself however I just want to say that I need more of this story and more of this world to know what exactly happens in the end with all the characters, I need an update only because of that epilogue!

Okay with that being said I loved every character in the series! There is not one that I don’t like which never happen to me. Usually, there is a character in the book where I’m just like ew but here we are with the Renegades series and every character in here seems to be very interesting in their own way.

Marissa Meyer will always be my favorite author! I mean I know that’s a big thing to say but her books never fail me and her writing is just so amazing and a visual experience read with her style of writing. Hopefully some years from now we can get more from this world in the meantime I’m happy with where the characters are left.

Are you a superhero or a villain?

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