Happy New Year With Books

Happy New Year guys! I can’t wait for this year and all the new books being released this coming year. I have a good feeling that 2021 will be my year for a lot of good things such as more books to accomplish reading and more exciting things for my book blog. With that being said, I have already started adding some new features to the book blog, and hope you all enjoy it!

The first thing I would like to share is that I added a new section called “Bookish Snail Mail” It’s a group I run on Facebook where it’s all about finding a pen pal from anywhere in the world to write to and discuss anything bookish related. If interested make sure to check it out!

Another thing that I wanted to share is that as much as I love reading my own books and try to read as much as possible I also read children’s books to my one-year-old every night before bed. It’s part of my life as it is a normal everyday thing we do in my household. I would like to have a section added to this blog about reviewing children’s books with my daughter. I am still brainstorming this idea and would love any feedback on this, greatly appreciated.

I will also be adding a Book Libary tour as a section to the blog where I can show you guys where I keep my books in my house! I have tons and tons of books and I don’t know about you but I am obsessed looking at how people keep their books and I want to share my personal space with my books.

One final thought I have for this year is working on a Booktube, however, it wouldn’t be like everyone else where you really see me talking to the camera. It will be more towards an aesthetic feel with my books and how books are a major thing in my life.

I hope you guys like my ideas and let me know if you have any book-related new year resolutions! Would love to hear them! Happy Reading guys!

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