The True Story Of The 3 Little Pigs Book Review

I grew up reading this book and it was that book in the classroom that all the kids would fight over, and I mean for good reasons too since the book story is one of a kind. I truly believe this book is the reason why I love re-tellings of the villain’s side of the story and why they became who they were or their view of a point on things.

I looked forward to reading this with Mya. An original story but in the wolf’s point of view doesn’t get any better than this. I love reading stories to Mya from when I was a child. Your childhood was really good if you grew up reading this story!

So after dinner and a bath, we settle down, or should I say we tried to settle down to get ready to read the story…

After Mya played with her toy for only 30 seconds she ended up tossing it and finally cuddled up for storytime. The story is quick and very short but it was a good bedtime story. The illustrations are cute and adorable. I love the wolf side of the story, Alexander T. Wolf where he explains what had happened during the time the pig’s houses were blown down by him.

It’s not an education/learning book. It’s just a fun retelling story and that’s my favorite type of story to read with Mya. I know Mya enjoyed the story and most of all the illustrations. Even after the story was over I let her explore the book herself and she seemed to enjoy the story and everything about it.

It’s safe to say we highly recommend this adorable retelling.

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