The Writer and the Throne Book Review

Thank you author for sending me the story in exchange for my honest book review. All opinions and thoughts are my own!

A snowstorm just hit my small city and what better way to pull my Kindle out especially since it’s been so long since I last time used it to read a good story. So with that being said I grabbed my blanket and some hot green tea and was ready to read.

This story has all the Mythology vibes you can get. Full with action, history, and character building. I enjoy reading this story and even better so when the author knows his stuff about the gods and history. The writing was beautifully written in place and the world building for each sect was amazing to read for me where I felt like I was there with the main characters.

“Awake, but not awake–lost in a vision, Aaron realized he could feel and understand the thoughts and emotions of everyone involved in this riveting tale.”

This story delivers originality and one of kind where you get to read about familiar characters you might have heard of such as the gods Zeus and Thor! I was excited to have Thor and his whole background in this along with his family members and its not like what you would expect from the Thor you might know from T.V and that’s what I love about this story and the creativity comes with building the character’s personality from scratch but taking the history as the truth in this story. I fell in love in the first few chapters and got hooked in right away.

The ending was everything to me, and you know me, the ending has to be perfect. It’s my favorite part of any story and the author left it off just right where I do want more of this story. I’m thankful for the good reading vibes and all the mythology vibes this story gives. I’m not an expert on it and you don’t have to be to read this story you learn more of these characters. I know I was a bit familiar with Thor and the Asgardians world but more knowledgeable about the Greek gods so I really love the crossovers with the characters and how they were all put together in this story.

I do appreciate the author having a glossary in the book to help readers like myself who are not experts on mythology to have a better understanding and full knowledge of the characters and the meanings behind them.

This story takes you to a lot of fun places and lets you meet a lot of interesting characters you might think you know or heard of I recommend this adventure story for any reader.

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