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The Writer and the Throne Book Review

Thank you author for sending me the story in exchange for my honest book review.Β All opinions and thoughts are my own! A snowstorm just hit my small city and what better way to pull my Kindle out especially since it’s been so long since I last time used it to read a good story. So […]

Mother & Daughter Bookstore Date

I love going out and taking the boss baby along. Today was a little mother and daughter date day and what better way to spend the day at the book store. We went to our favorite used book store in town, Midland Street Books. This place is super fun and has such a unique vibe […]

The True Story Of The 3 Little Pigs Book Review

I grew up reading this book and it was that book in the classroom that all the kids would fight over, and I mean for good reasons too since the book story is one of a kind. I truly believe this book is the reason why I love re-tellings of the villain’s side of the […]